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My Cell Phone Can Suck It And So Can My Day

Last night my cell phone decided that I didn't have service in my area. I couldn't access my phonebook either. Well this was going to blow. I called up the cell phone folks and they couldn't fix it over the phone. Fabulous. I had to go to the store. Well this is not going to be fun.

I took the boy because I knew it would be close getting him to school on time if I was going to get this taken care of in the morning. I go to the first location (ah yes, there were two places in the mall - fun). The first place tried my SIM card in another phone and it worked so that meant it was my phone. The guy reset the settings and that didn't do anything. In order to replace my phone, that coincidentally was out of warranty, I would need to pony up $179. I don't think so people. My phone is less than a year old. I am not forking over a week's pay to get a new one. We go to the second place, in the process denying the boy a bear, ice cream and elevator rides. He wanders off and I tell him if a stranger takes him I'll miss him. The lady behind me chuckles. I turn my phone on so that whenever I get any service from these people, I'll be ready. It freakin' works. I'm thinking that the resetting at place #1 didn't kick in until I was at place #2.

So the phone works. Great! I was hungry and the boy was thirsty so I stopped at Subway in the food court. He wanted to push the button for the fountain soda, I said ok. He changed his mind. I filled it up. Colossal mistake my friends. It took 15 minutes to get out to the parking lot. Usually it takes about 3. Someone doesn't want to get in the car. Three guesses and there were only two of us. Screaming and crying and kicking for 15 minutes people. FIFTEEN. As I laid over the side of the car bawling, a complete wonderful stranger came up to me asking if I was ok. Normally something like this would freak me out. She patted my back and told me it would be ok. She told the boy that he needed to listen to his mommy to which my son promptly said, "STOP TALKING TO ME!" This woman, who doesn't know me from Eve but knew I was ready to blow several gaskets, she never once talked in a tone that said I was a bad mom, that my kid was horrible, nothing like that. Her voice calmed me some, I turned around and she was gone. After threats of no school ever again and no Spiderman 3 EVER, he finally got in the car.

If this is what I'm destined to deal with for the next 14 years, I just don't know how I'm going to handle it. I needed to vent and I swear, I will have some happy posts soon. I promise.

As a side note, spellcheck likes Superman but not Spiderman. Bastards.


Mandy said…
your lucky it kinda fied itself.... i wish mine had magically gone back together after it shattered from falling down the stairs... but it didnt. imagine that
Mandy said…
fixed.... not fied...
Annora said…
Keep up the good work.

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