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I got a call this morning from the owner of the McDonald's that we were at yesterday. She was very apologetic but it kinda came across in a condescending way. Maybe I'm just being a bitch about the whole thing and don't want to let it go. I'm still seething over it. She said the manager was fixing it this morning. I asked her if the Playland was closed after we left until it was fixed. She said she's never in there so she isn't sure and she didn't ask the manager when she spoke to him. Really? Wow. I'll check on it tomorrow.

I work until 1230 tomorrow night. That should be fun. Everyone says it's going to be super busy but I just can't see that. What I can see is a lot of people coming to the store on Thursday thinking we'll be open. I almost want to drive over there, sit in my car and count how many people go to the door and say, "Damn my wife is gonna kill me". Oh that would be fun.

The boy's parent teacher conference went well. His teacher and I talk every day so I knew what was in store. He's a good kid, has some transition problems and he likes to talk about Spiderman. All. The. Time. Duh. She did mention that perhaps he should be going to bed a little earlier than he does now. He usually goes down around 10-1030 and gets up around 9ish. He's not tired at school and he gets 11 hours of sleep but yeah, we need to change that. Last night I took his sister and him (he and his sister?) upstairs at 8 and said it was time to lay down, it's quiet time. We watched part of a Wiggles DVD. I had to put him in his bed about 40 times. Come 9pm, the girl was asleep but he was still wired. I told the husband the boy was all his. He finally fell asleep at 10. Thinking back on that today, I realized that it was unfair to expect him to go to sleep 2 hours earlier just like that. I came home tonight from work and asked the husband what time he put them down. He said they fell asleep at 10. I asked when he got them upstairs and he said 930. I'm not mad but um, that's really past the 8pm time we agreed on. I think I'm going to get them up at 8am so that they are tired earlier. Only one thing is bugging me about that.

I am not a morning person. 8am and I do not get along. Gah!


Les Becker said…
You are going to hate me for this: As a "morning troll" (like me), you need time on your own in the morning to wake up and get your people-self together. Which means, that if you wake The Boy at 8 am, ummm.... you should maybe get up a 7 am.

[Run, Duck, Hide}

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