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This Is Me Trying To Contain Myself

And it's not really working.

We were supposed to go workout today but the boy decided he wasn't getting dressed. Mandy and I hung out for a bit then decided we needed to eat and get out of the house. Evil McDonald's, here we come.

Evil indeed.

As we're getting ready to leave Playland, I notice that the kids are being rather quiet. I take the chance and go to the bathroom. I hear Mandy telling the kids to get down. Don't go near the edge. Get away from there! Things you don't really want to hear while you're in the bathroom and your children are not. I hurry up to investigate.

What do I find? The children climbing on the Playland. On the top of Playland. Outside of the netting that keeps them contained in Playland. I immediately got my phone, clamored up there (no easy feat for any parent esp one with a bad back) and took photos of the hole and of how close to the edge they were.

I came down, got the kids down and went to find the manager. Now listen, I am all about people getting a job. When I was living in Germany, I didn't get a job in the German market because I couldn't speak the language. A better grasp on the language would be nice. I'm sure this guy was nice but holy shit, I don't think he understood me. I don't think he saw the hole that I was pointing to. I don't think he cared. That's not really fair though, if he knew what the hell I was talking about, I'm sure he would care. I told him that we were the only family in there right now and that he should put a closed sign up so that no other children go in there and play.

In one ear and out the other. I don't think he got it at all. We left about 10-15 minutes later and NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE!!!

I called the corporate office when I got home. I asked him if the policy of the company is to have the Playland cleaned everyday and he said yes. I said I doubt that happens since the slides always smell like ass. Plus, if they were cleaned everyday then the hole would have been noticed by anyone with functioning vision. The guy said "I'm sorry you had difficulty at the McDonald's you visited today. I will forward this to the store manager and owner and have them contact you."

Difficulty? I didn't have difficulty. I told them what was wrong. I pointed it out. I showed. the. manager. where. the. hole. was.

They are the ones who are going to have difficulty. I'm driving back to that McDonald's tonight and if there is still a hole in that netting and the Playland is still open, I am going to raise some holy hell. My children were literally an inch from falling to their deaths or getting seriously injured. My son thinks he's Spiderman. He likes to push his sister around. Hard. I get sick thinking about what could have happened.

Oh. My. God.


Les Becker said…
If that hole is still there, I suggest you EMAIL the corporate head office with a link to this blog post and tell them that you are about to get every blogger in North America to go viral with it. I'll help. I loves corporate whistle-blowin'. I doubt it would come to that if somebody there with even half a brain saw your pics, though.

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