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What's That You Say?

I love my 'Boys.*

Next year my son will be joining the class of 2021. That will be 30 years after I've graduated. Yeah, that looking like a teenager thing isn't sounding so bad right now.

First major S-N-O-W storm is supposed to be coming on Saturday. That's right, I spelled it out. It's a bad four letter word. Other "spell only" words are chocolate, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wii, Boxing and School.

The boy broke my heart as I was leaving preschool today. He didn't want me to leave (always) and I don't know how to help him with the transition. Well, any transition that goes smoothly is a huge win in my book (a book that is chock full of sad, pathetic losses my friends). His teachers told me to just go and they would handle him. I was crying when I left. I hate when I do that. The other moms are looking at me or even worse, some are looking at him and you see on their faces what they are thinking. Kinda hard to hide that look of disgust lady. Them looking at me or him (esp him) that way hurts just as much as if they were to say what was on their minds. I want to punch people like that. Really.

After that lovely debacle at school, I decided against a nap for me and the girl and we did some retail therapy. Two pairs of jeans, two books for me, pink grip jackets for the 2nd controller and nunchuk, Dora and Boots shoes (for $3.74) for the girl, new workout shoes - yep, I feel better. That book aisle though is E-V-I-L. I always buy something or some things. This time I got The Pact as well as The Tenth Circle. Both by Jodi Picoult. I also have about 4 others by her that are sitting on/in/near my desk as we speak, er, type, er read. I'm one of those people that would flip out if I didn't have something to read at all times, ya know, just in case I get bored and can't go on a computer. I've been known to bring three books (all new, never started) on a one day trip somewhere. If I know we're going to be in the car for more than 45 minutes at one time, I'm bringing a book. Unless I'm driving because that would be, what's the word? Oh yeah, CRAZY! My brother in law used to read while driving. I don't know how he did it either. I think one of the ones he read like that was Atlas Shrug. That's a big paperback to be hugging the wheel with. Talent. Some people have it. Clearly, not me.

Les? Sorry 'bout the pimple. On you upper lip. Really. I am. I don't feel so alone now. bwahahaha

* I don't want to hear a thing about how they never would of won if Favre was in the game the whole time. Just shush and take the loss people. It's OK. It was bound to happen at sometime.


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