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10x10 Though I May Need To Remeasure

I've seen this on several blogs and I figured I would tweak it to suit my family and life because, well, because I'm bored and don't want to organize the kids' room. Apparently my nesting is taking a break. Part one of two is below (I don't need to put ya'll to sleep with a super long ass post - this I know)

Ten Things I Plan To Do In 2009
  1. Have a healthy baby girl
  2. Visit my friends in LaCrosse more than twice
  3. Go on a vacation sans children with my husband
  4. Respond to emails and blog comments
  5. Organize my "office" space
  6. Keep said space in some sense of order
  7. Start my photography business
  8. Go to a Timberwolves game
  9. Get my secondborn's scrapbook of her first year done (before the third one's)
  10. Blog everyday (I can't believe I put that out there, now I'll fail. Gah!)

Ten Places That I Want To Visit

  1. New Zealand - long standing dream
  2. Disneyworld - with the kids when the youngest is like 7
  3. Norway - family heritage
  4. Las Vegas - see vacation sans children above
  5. Fiji - have you seen photos? good golly miss molly gorgeous
  6. Italy - it's the mob thing, the cinematography in the movies is phenomenal and I want to see it, in person
  7. Germany - to see the places I used to live in years ago and the history
  8. The Bahamas - I want to hear steel drums and have umbrella drinks in a swim up bar
  9. Dallas, Texas - um hello? My boys. Though to see the game, I'd have to go to Arlington and see Uncle H and Auntie P (Hi!!)
  10. Wyoming - for the photographic possibilities

Ten Of My Favorite Movies

  1. American Psycho - hello?? Christian Bale much?
  2. Empire Records - Not today, not on Rex Manning Day
  3. To Kill A Mockingbird - I'm going to name my 2nd, 3rd and 4th wiener dogs Boo, Scout and Atticus
  4. Little Mermaid - The husband got this for me on DVD and the Peanut and Baby Girl thought it was for them. I had to share it with them.
  5. The Godfather - all of them, yes, even the 3rd one
  6. Arsenic and Old Lace - Cary Grant was hilarious and hot. It's true
  7. Christine - I was terrified of red cars for years
  8. Dirty Dancing - No one puts Baby in the corner
  9. 9 1/2 Weeks - back when Mickey looked really good
  10. The Princess Bride - we had to buy a copy for the kids

Ten Names That Were Shot Down By The Husband

  1. Charlotte - doesn't like Charlie
  2. Hazel - too old
  3. Luella - loved my gramma but no he said
  4. Georgia (no offense to the two Georgias I know)
  5. Isabella - not feeling it
  6. Cordelia - shot down before I could gush about it
  7. Atticus - see above reason
  8. Dante - People will think we named the kid after Culpepper. Ish.
  9. Quincy - he said he would see Jack Klugman's face every time he said the name
  10. Sebastian - he just laughed and shook his head

Ten Celebrities That I Would Love To Meet

  1. Christian Bale - do I really need a reason? I didn't think so
  2. Neil Diamond - I think I would pee myself, just a little
  3. Viggo Mortenson - did you see the stairwell scene in History Of Violence?
  4. Sebastian Bach - Mandy will gag at this one but oh how I love him
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr - the whole reason I watch racing
  6. Jennifer Aniston - she seems like the most "normal" celeb to me even though she's dating that douche, Mayer
  7. Gary Sinese - he has that quiet rawr thing going on
  8. Joe Satriani - his shaved head freaks me out still but I dig his licks and the husband would have a coronary if he got to meet him
  9. James Dean - no reason, he's just that cool to me
  10. Dooce - I know she's the only one where I can safely say that would be a kick ass time.

Ok kids, that's all I have for now. I'll post the second part tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
you forgot your promise to take zach to china. he still remembers it.


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