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Healthy As A Horse

That's what this child should be for quite sometime. I mean in theory she shouldn't get sick for years right? I mean she's been exposed to mono, cytomeglovirus, a virus of some sort that had no name, strep and the rotavirus that keeps visiting our house.

We had our every 4 weeks ultrasound today. She's about 15 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs. She also has fluid in the sac that her heart is in. The doctor wouldn't have been concerned if the fluid had been on the bottom of the sac. I think he said something about the sound of the heartbeat bouncing off and making it look like there's fluid. I'm not sure because I was sorta kinda freaking out in my head while trying to maintain composure to everyone else.

We have to go down the Univ hospital tomorrow for an echo on the baby. Two things that strike me about this (well, I'm sure there are waaaay more than two but these will do for now):
  1. I'm so happy that I have this team of doctors that are truly looking out for my health and the health of this unborn child. If she tests positive for CMV when she's born, we have one of the world's leading experts on Pediatric CMV and the issues that can arise with it. The cardiologist that we're seeing tomorrow? Again, one of the best in her field. I haven't even been referred to the Mayo Clinic and lord knows, they're just down the road (a couple hours down the road but still). I thank the good Lord every single day that we are lucky enough to have access to these doctors and that they are able to take us on as patients. Even if tomorrow turns out to be nothing and the fluid in the heart sac is harmless, at least we know we did all that we could to make sure she's baking nicely.
  2. The technology these days. Holy shit. Even 6 years ago with the boy, the technology wasn't there for some of this stuff. I couldn't get a 4-D shot of him unless I wanted to pay out the wazoo. Now you can get them done at a strip mall. Believe me, if that was an option back with the boy and the girl? I would have done it in a heartbeat. Those photos are amazing. Of course, now we get them with each visit. Eh, ok, we'll take it. The echo tomorrow? I thought we had the high tech ultrasounds going on at the perinatologist's office. They tell me though that this ultrasound is going to be more high tech than theirs. I don't see how that's possible and the whole idea that you can see such detail on your baby while. it's. in. your. belly. takes my breath away each time we see it on the monitor.

Oh! I almost forgot, today the tech told me that she sees hair on the baby's head. At first I was all, duh, that's what is supposed to be there. Then she says it's uncommon to be able to see so much hair on a 26 week gestation baby. Heh. Overachiever this one is. The husband says she's gonna be a hairy beast. I told him I'm showing her this blog post when she's older. I refuse to go down for that one.


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