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He's My Go To Guy From Now On

The boy had an appt today with his behaviour specialist doctor person. I forgot about asking for the day off. Whoops. Good thing Daddy was going to the appt too. I picked the boy up from school and dropped him off at Daddy's work. I think this is the way it should go from now on with these particular appts. Here's my theory:

I haven't been all that impressed with the center that he goes to for his evals and appts. He's been seen 3 times in 15 months and has been on two meds in the last 3 months. I've called them asking for actual phone numbers and names of people that can help us. Resources, programs, assistance. I got all of zero people to call me back. My mama bear comes out with my son. Sure, a lot of the time I feel like a failure to him as a mom but that's largely in part to us feeling overwhelmed. (When he was diagnosed in Nov of 07 with Aspergers*, there were a couple suggestions but nothing tangible that we could come home and say ok, let's do this. I went out and bought 4 or 5 books on Aspergers. It's not easy finding them in stock. There were plenty of waiting lists.)

When my husband took him to his last appt to discuss possible medication, we got results. His appt today? Same thing. The husband came home with a list of things that we need to do. Things that his doctor said we should do. Things I've been asking about for over a year. By nature, my husband is a mellow fellow. He can be intense when needed but for the most part, he's laid back, quiet, etc. (How we have been together for 8 years is beyond me.)

The boy is now on another med, Concerta**. He hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD but the doctor thinks with the Zoloft and Concerta working together, we'll have less aggression, less anxiety, more focus, yadayadayada. From her lips to God's ears. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

So with all the results today, follow up appts made already, concerns addressed, etc, I've decided the husband can take him from now on. I'll send a list with concerns and questions. Yes, the emotional pregnant one should not be in the room looking at her boy while bitching about the craptastic "service" received or not received.

Thank God I my baby daddy is a good baby daddy.

*spellcheck wants me to change Aspergers to aspires or sneakers. Hmm.
**why is it that the drugs that are supposed to be phenomenal with my kid don't come in generic?? He was on Abilify for 3 months and that cost us an arm and a leg. Same thing with Concerta. It better work. Poopy drug companies.


Momo Fali said…
My son doesn't live with Aspergers (sneakers?!), but I live with daily frustration because of his medical conditions and the county agency who provides services and has been giving me the run-around for YEARS. Just yesterday, our insurance company called to tell me that the co-pay on one of my son's meds is going up from $50.00 a month to $148.00 a month. And today, he had an ENT appointment and the doctor said he has a 30 decibel hearing loss...over which I jumped for JOY because now he is considered "disabled" in the eyes of said county agency and his services can continue. It's a nightmare. I just wanted to say that I know where you're coming from! It can all be so frustrating!

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