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I Only Miss Parts Of It

High school.


I miss little parts of it. Some of the friends I had. Some of the boys I liked. A couple teachers. Mostly I didn't like it but I can live with that. In hindsight? Not as bad as I thought it was. I'm still friends with a couple people from my old high school in Chicago but for the most part, I don't know what's up with anyone.

Well, until now that is. Thank you Facebook. Facebook that's free., that charges a yearly fee for pretty much the same service, doesn't give me what Facebook does.

I've "found" several people that I went to school with and holy shit, have some of them changed so much. I almost didn't recognize a couple of them. Some are pretty much the same, not a bad thing really.

It used to be I had mainly kids that I work with on there. Now? I have quite the spread of friends. I feel weird calling them all friends though. I saw somewhere, like at an amusement park or county fair, in one of those astrology machines (see what celebrity was born on your birthday things - Andre 3000 for me) that Geminis (that's me!) know more people than make up the state of Texas but have very few friends.

From their lips to God's ears. Holy truthness Batman. I know a buttload of people but I can probably count on one hand how many people I trust (outside of family). Is that weird or is it human nature? I love meeting new people and I get along with pretty much anyone. If I don't like you, you know it. I was going to say if I don't like you, I don't talk to you but since I'm really bad at emailing people back about, oh, anything, that wouldn't accurate right? Right.

I guess I just like knowing about people. I like seeing how people have changed, or not. What their lives are like now. I'm a nosey broad, that's what it is. Dammit. They were right all along.

I've been reflecting back on high school a lot lately and really, I'm not sure why. Sometimes my mind wanders out of the park in my head and goes astray. Today I found myself pouring over old yearbooks. Looking at what people wrote. Wondering where some people are now*. People, that no matter where I look or what search engine I use, I cannot locate to save my life. I am so curious to see if life went according to plans. Is it better or worse? I can say mine went pretty much the route I knew it would. I'm a stay at home mom who's lucky enough to be able to do it and I have a part time gig that allows for "me without a kid on my leg" time. Well, a kid that's 6 or younger. Those pesky 17 year olds at work. Sheesh.

What about you? Do you look for certain people online? Are you looking to reconnect or just to see what's up? And does anyone know where that Phil kid is that I dated in for a bit in 89? I'm dying to see where he is now. Talk to me.....

edited: holy shnikey, my algebra teacher is still at my school! 21 years later! Gah!


Anonymous said…
I feel the same way. Nosey LOL. What was Phil's last name? Facebook and Burger king had this thing where you would get a free whopper if you dropped 10 friends on Facebook. Nice to know that you were dropped for 1/10 the price of a burger, but over 200,000 people were dropped. I think I need to go in and clean house as well...I think I added folks to see thier pages, and well, now that I have, I am quite happy dropping THAT wrong?
Mama said…
Phil's last name is Desfosses. OMG we all looked like goobers back in the day! Now I'm going to have to waste some time on Facebook this morning. Awesome.

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