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My Poor Husband

I'm sure he's wondering who the hell this bitch is that took over his wife's body because holy hell, am I in full on bitch mode. Not at him mind you. Just at life.

So the boy is on the new med, Concerta. We decided to up the Melatonin to half a tablet instead of a quarter because the Concerta has him all jacked up until after 10pm. Yeah, I can't have that.

Holy shit it took me, literally, a full two minutes to type that sentence. It's like I have forgotten how to use my goddamn fingers. WTF? Now I'm crying.

Someone who has had at least three kids, please tell me that this is normal. That all thrice preggo women go through this. I know it's most likely the stress of the boy and trying new things to control his outbursts and shit but holy hell. I would punch myself in the face if I ran into myself.

How the hell am I going to handle three of them?? I'm gonna eff them up aren't I? I can't keep my emotions bottled up, shit, that'll kill me. I'd crack in less than a day. How the hell am I supposed to let these things out? I don't want to scream at my kids. I don't want to tell them to please just shut up talking and go to sleep for the love of all things holy. I don't want to give in to the whining and bitching just for the sake of silence and yet, I don't want to listen to the bitching when I do stand my ground.

Oh. My. God. I just had visions of middle school

Shoot me now. Please.

**Part two of the 10x10 will come tomorrow barring my children killing me and throwing me in the wood stove.**


i am very mary said…
Yeah. Um, so at my house? We kind of have this thing where I say, "SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH" and then, if that doesn't work? I'm all "PLEASE GO TO YOUR ROOM AND BE LOUD THERE." and then I add "AND SHUT YOUR DOOR!" and then I go to my quiet place (usually involving the iPod and another closed door) and all is right with the world for about 15 minutes. Here's what I think: kids need to know that parents need quiet time. It's not effin' them up, it's teaching them a valuable lesson about respect. And that's not even meant to be funny.

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