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Sometimes You Just Have To Wonder

The Boy: Look! A McDonald's!
Mama: Yep, we'll go there in a bit after we get Daddy from work.
The Boy: It looks rather beat up.
Mama: What?
The Boy: It looks rather beat up!
Mama: :::blink blink::: um ok
The Boy: Look at the roof! It's missing a big piece.

Part of the roof was, indeed, missing a piece however it was a decorative piece, not a vital, structural one. Whew.

While he was talking to some of Daddy's coworkers, he was waxing poetic on his lost teeth.

Co-Worker: Where did your tooth go?
The Boy: Well....I lost the first toose* when eating an Oreo. The other toose? It was an abscessed toose, it was sick and they had to take it.

And finally, we were in Playland (right up there on the list of evil places) and he asked if I had a headick**. I must have been rubbing my temple and I know I commented to the husband that Oh. My. God. Does that mother not hear her son screaming for Jackson? Cause I can hear it. I'm pretty sure Jackson can hear it (even though the little shit was ignoring his friend/cousin/brother. Thanks Jackson! Thanks a lot). I'm almost certain people in the Dakotas heard. My boy looked at me and asked if I had a headick and I said yes because, well, I did dammit. He walks up to two moms who were standing around talking and says, "Can you tell the kids to be quiet? My mama has a headick and it hurts when they all scream."

I almost died. I mean what do you say? I didn't want them to think I sent him over there because I can see some passive aggressive mom doing that. Heh. I didn't want her to think it was her kid (I think it was another mom's urchin, another mom who was probably outside or possibly at the gas station across the street because I never saw an adult interact with him). After the head shaking and saying sorry, I told them that I had a headache before coming into Playland so please, don't let him lead you on that it's your child's fault. They both just laughed and said it was sweet that he was thinking of his mama.

Sweet indeed. God I love this boy of mine.

*it's a toose ever since he lost the toose. He just can't say the th part. I don't even try to correct it because hello? it's cute.
**headache though headick does make people turn their heads towards you. oh and spellcheck wants it to be haddock. blech.


Steph said…
O.M.Goodness I love that little man.

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