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I Never Knew Love, No I Mean Real Love

Love of cakes and brownies and other such sweets. I've never been a sweets person, per say. I like my Sugar Babies once in awhile and I dig a Kit Kat now and then but straight up sweets frequently? Nah. Not my bag baby.

Until this baby. Holy marble cake Batman. The Peanut turned 4 this week and chose a lovely cake adorned by not one, not two but three princesses. It was deelish. I ought to know. I ate half of it. Not all in one sitting mind you but half of it found it's way to my belly. I'm certain I had it for breakfast a couple times. It's got dairy in it somewhere.

Now that Valentine's Day is over (hey, hope ya had a good one) I found myself eyeing up the cakes at my store. I caved and got a heart shaped one that says I Love You and I found myself indeed, loving this cake. I also tortured myself with a triple fudge heart shaped cake. That one is a single serve one though and serve me it will. A tall glass of milk will go nicely with that one.

So I'm hoping that this is one of those craving phases because I don't need this kind of addiction thank you very much. My allergy to chocolate* keeps most things at bay. Let's hope when the baby's done baking, my sweets kick will disappear.

What cravings did you have when you were pregnant?

*Chocolate is like x-lax for my system. I do suffer for a couple things, esp Oreos because hello? Best cookie ever invented. However, when you are sick with Mono and who knows what else and you're blocked like the Hoover Dam? Chocolate will not help with that. Not one bit. Trust me.


Anonymous said…
hot dogs and instant mashed potatoes and a big slice of chocolate cake for dessert :)

Steph said…
Anything and Everythin w/ Spicy Buffalo sauce. Yes please.

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