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Where Are All The Sat Morn Cartoons???

So here I am, on a Saturday morning. At 7am. I've been up since 6. The children are both sleeping with no signs of waking up soon. I could sleep in if I wanted. There's nothing going on today that requires my getting up now. So why the hell am I awake? I have a couple ideas.

  1. I had a dream that Tommy Lee wanted to sleep with me. Where sleep with me = ravage me from head to toe and make me start smoking again. Rawr! Back in the day, when I was infatuated with naughty, dirty boys, I would have woken up from that saying "What the hell? Please Lord let me fall back into that dream!" These days? :::shiver::: No thank you Tommy, your boy has been in far too many ports of pleasure for me. Ish. He also asked me who I wanted to sleep with more than anyone else in this whole entire world (because he needs to know these things I guess) and before I could answer him, he said Kate Winslet was his dream lay. Um, ok then. Carry on Tommy Boy, carry on. I don't recall having this caliber of dreams with my other two urchins.

  2. The boy is back on Concerta because Adderall made him entirely too aggressive. He would punch me whenever he got angry (which seemed to be a lot). The Concerta makes him hyperfocused so he'd be up until 11pm and get up at 4am. Uh no. That won't work. We've now got him on Concerta and Zoloft in the am and Melatonine and Clonidine at night. Last night he got up at 230am and came to sleep with me. He fidgeted for, literally, a couple hours. Tapping my hand. Asking me why I said dammit (for the life of me I don't think I said it, I was sleeping). Finally, I asked him if he was ok and he said yes. He also said that every time he closed his eyes, he was playing a Mario Bros. game in his head (hence the finger tapping). I said that was cool and that he needed to get some sleep. Finally he fell asleep and stopped the fidgets but then I was awake.

  3. It's the Chunky Monkey's first birthday tomorrow. I don't know what to get her. Truly, what does one get for a one year old? We don't really do birthdays around our house so I couldn't tell ya. Wow, that made me sound awful. Yikes. Maybe Fluffy will read this and give me some ideas. This pondering kept me awake for awhile.

  4. We are finally getting a storage space for all of our shit things that are currently residing in apple boxes in my father in law's living room. They've been there for about oh 3 1/2 years. It's the nesting thing kicking in and it's the "Mom and I are getting claustrophobic with all the boxes closing in on us/Dad would like his living room back someday/Pedro Juan's stuff is joining our stuff so Oh. My. God. too much to handle" thing kicking in as well. I go over to the place tomorrow to sign the paperwork and move the first load of boxes in. I'm hoping that this week will be productive for this project. I can't have all this shit lovely stuff around when the baby gets here. That will drive me nuts and I have enough to send me over the edge thank you.

  5. And finally, the in laws are leaving today for a week's vacation. I know, most people would be happy about that but I think I'm gonna miss them too much. God I'm a freak.

I'm pretty sure that any of those five things (and especially the combination of them all) kept me up last night. I have to work tonight so maybe I'll get a nap in before I leave. If you've ever been in my house for more than 10 minutes you know that statement made you laugh and say Ha! So not happening.


Steph said…
Seriously DO NOT stress over getting her anything. You do enough for us. She doesn't "need" anything. If you feel so obligated to bring something for her, she loves anything that makes noise, she loves things that have compartments or "Doors" or things you can open and close. Thats all I got. I am glad you guys are coming tomorrow :)

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