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Where Have All The Fluids Gone?

No, not those kinds of fluids. Sheesh.

A couple weeks ago, at our monthly ultrasound, the perinatologist detected some fluid in the heart sac on the baby. It wasn't a lot of fluid but enough to concern him. He sent us to the University hospital to have a fetal echo cardiogram done the following day. The cardiologist said there was, indeed, some extra fluid there that really shouldn't be there. Awesome.

It wasn't enough to freak her out but she wanted to see me again in a couple weeks and see where the levels were. For the last two weeks, you can imagine what's been going on in my head. I lost my mind. All I could focus on, of course, was that if they found more fluid in the heart sac, they would have to monitor me twice a week (ultrasound) and if the fluids increased regularly, they would have to take the baby. Yeah, I didn't sleep well.

Fast forward to this morning. As I was getting the ultrasound done, I felt this incredible urge to cry. I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with me. The technician wasn't saying a word, no indication there was anything amiss. W. T. F? All of a sudden a migraine came and kicked me in the ass head. It hurt like a mofo and I couldn't stop crying. Eventually I did because really? this migraine was no different than the other hundred or so I've had before. Man up woman, man up!

The cardiologist came in, took a look at the pictures and video and declared the fluids gone. No idea where they went, just poof, gone. Fine by me I say. She did tell us that it's perfectly normal for any of us to have fluid on our brain, in our lungs or on our heart. It's the amount they get worried about. She said it was most likely from me being sick and the baby should be just fine.

And in case you've forgotten, let's recap the last 7 months:

Mono, CMV, a virus, strep throat, a 2nd virus, low iron, my heart arrhythmia is back I think (more on that another day - sigh) and oh yeah, I was exposed to strep thanks to the boy and god only knows what I'm exposed to at work. STOP LICKING YOUR FINGERS BEFORE GIVING ME YOUR MONEY!!!



I am so glad everything was okay after the last scan ...what a relief.Sound slike you have been through a lot.Hope it all goes smoothly for the next 73 days or there a\bouts.

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