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Am I Awake Now Or No?

I think I'm awake. I'm not sure. All I know is that I've got one active, lumpy bumpy baby baking in the belly. I also know that in last two days (in no particular order):

  • I've gone through 6 ginormous totes of toys. Not shocking? I managed to rid us of only 1/2 of one tote. This job takes a few hours to do when you have a 4 yr old taking toys out of here and there and developing a hearing disability every time you ask her to stop.
  • I've loaded about 12 boxes into the van to take to the storage place.
  • Oh those captain's chairs in the van? Yeah those had to come out.
  • Vacuuming the whole van was fun where fun = awkward movements trying not to fall over onto the baby belly while crawling all over the van floor.
  • Aaaand the seats had to go back in. Not as easy as the coming out part.
  • There was a lot of fun had at the Chunky Monkey's party. Happy Birthday Mildred*!
  • The noises that my dictator made in the van on the way home from storage was so much fun to deal with. Nothing like 20 minutes of screaming to remind you that you don't have the hearing disability. Yet.
  • Moving a hutch across the living room is a little hard to do with a big ass belly. Settle down. It was empty.
  • The movies and games are all out of the kids' reach now. Thank you baby Jesus.
  • I made two trips to the best store ever in one day. The second time? When I went to a location that was not my normal one? I was not happy. I called ahead to have them set the item aside because it's a heavy item and I would have both kids with me. I was on hold for more than ten minutes. Still never talked to anyone. Ended up driving there and lugging it onto the bottom of the cart alone because the guy working in that aisle felt the need to watch an 8th month pregnant woman struggle. That was fun.
  • I have fallen asleep twice writing this post.
  • The girl has croup. Again. I think we need to invest in a nebulizer at home. I can't afford ER trips every time this happens. Gah!

The best part of these last two days?** I get to relive the moving stuff, storage scenes all week long. Damn the nesting. I hate you and yet I love you so. You make me crazy but you make the house nice and neat.

*everyone needs a little old lady name. Mine's Mavis. Hers is Mildred.

**an extra bonus? Not working until Friday when all the chaos will end. Yay =0)


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