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And Yet, I Am Always Shocked

Do you ever find yourself asleep at the computer? I knew it!!! I knew I wasn't the only one! I also knew I could fall asleep pretty much anywhere but I had no idea how far reaching those capabilities were until the last couple years.

(That may not be an entirely accurate statement since about ten years or so ago, I fell asleep in the middle of a rock band showcase concert including none other than Nickleback. Of course this is pre "let's sing pretty much the same song over and over and not cut our hair, ooh and let's fool radio stations into playing this crap we call music ad nauseum" Nickleback. I am assuming they were good? Maybe. Couldn't tell ya, I was asleep. In my defense, my mother's dog, her second child*, had passed away the day before and I was at my parents' place being there for my mother and therefore, was pooped. ANYWAY! Fell asleep, concert.)

I cannot even begin to tally the times I've woken up at the computer desk, sitting upright, drool on my chin. Just joking.

No I'm not.

I would be ok with this falling asleep sitting up thing except? The impulsive snapping the head up part. I could probably recover from the sore neck if I would just not break it when I wake up. Amazingly, this going nocturnal at the desk does not wreck my back. Of course, this is coming from a person who has been known to sleep on her stomach in a recliner. Just think about that one. Ready? K.

I've got a dilemma that really isn't a dilemma. I just like that word at the moment. Look at it. Dilemma. Looks pretty. Reminds me of Brian DePalma (loved Scarface but dude? Bonfire? C'mon, that was crap and you made it cause you were bored right?). I just aged myself. Geek alert!!!!!!



I have approximately 9 1/2 loads of laundry on my bed. No worries, it's all clean. It's all UNfolded. Yep. I took it out of the dryer and threw it on the bed, moved on to the next load, lather, rinse, repeat. So? Do I take the time to fold all of said clean (thank god it's clean) laundry? Or? Do I curl up my chair** and fall asleep Facebooking or Farming? Hmph, either way, that damn laundry ain't gonna fold itself.


*if the dog could speak? she would have given it anything it wanted before me. the one she actually birthed.
**the chair in question is this style but more of a country plaid pattern (just close your eyes and picture it already!!) I can (and have several times) curled up with my butt sticking out and slept to my heart's content (or until one of the heathens wakes me up which is usually the case. Dammit!).
You can see the dilemma right? Thought so.


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