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This Mama Bear Is Preparing For Battle

A month or so ago, the boy was suspended from riding the van for being annoying (wtf?) and for throwing his sweatshirt at one of the two other kids on the van. Mainly for being annoying. Also because the van driver claims he almost ran off the road because of the boy. Doubtful and I tell you this because I've driven this child in a van during an all out fight with his sister and I'm here to say, I did not run the vehicle off the road. I pulled over when I could and let loose threats and promises and curses on Ouji boards and all that good stuff but when all was said and done, the van was still on concrete. SO.

I get this report (and two other reports that were never brought to my attention) and have a discussion with the director of special education regarding having a para on the van. He had one last year at his main stream school for the bus and I felt he would benefit from it this year. He was denied one the end of last year and that was an epic fail. Well, lo and behold my friends, he got one when I bitched loud enough about it. Things are going great. No complaints about his behavior, no fighting, no swearing, yelling, spitting, hitting, throwing of clothes, etc. Phenomenal changes for the better.

Then the van driver tells the school a couple weeks ago that maybe we can stop having the para on the van because things are going so well.


Point to the one: Um no. The para stays thankyouverymuch. I fought long and hard to have her on there and I will be damned if that goes down the shitter.

Point to the two: Serrrsly? I don't know now that I want this person driving my son to school 20 minutes away. His judgement calls, writing my son up for being annoying (again, wtf?), not wanting the para on there? All of that makes me question how qualified he his to be responsible for special needs children.

Point to the three: Things are going well, awesome and great on the van because of the para. Because she is doing her job. Because she keeps the boys separated and happy and not fighting. Because she is Super Woman!

Point to the four: I don't have one. I just wanted to type it out again.

We have a conference tomorrow morning at school and it's a big one. We'll be reviewing and updating his IEP. Going over different social services that he is now qualified for through the school. We find out when we get a social worker for him ( hopefully soon, we've only been trying for over two years to get one). I hope they set aside a big room for us because it seems half the school will be there: us, his teacher, his two paras from school, the school psychologist, school social worker, director of special education for the district (though I did not see her name, just her office, listed on the attendees), the director of the school's special education plus two or three other people.

They were not kidding when they said it takes a village.

I'm preparing myself to be confrontational about things. I can't be Minnesota passive aggressive when it comes to my son. He's my boy. My baby. My love and my life ( I know, I almost gagged too - shush ) I want what's best for him. I fought to get the para on the van and believe me, she's staying. I fought to get him the staff and education he deserves and has a right to. That will continue to happen. I keep on top of things with his teacher. We talk every day about how he was in class. She knows how I feel about things and what my expectations are of this school and my son. We are on the same page and it's extremely comforting to know that my son is loved and cared for so much at school. It's comforting to know that his staff is there for him 100% and will do whatever it takes to help him succeed. I just can't let anyone walk all over us and talk down to us about our child and his rights.

This mama bear will tear a fool apart that tries anything shady or shifty. I'm just putting that out there.



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