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Where Did I Put That Pen??

So far, so good. Granted it's only Day 4. Don't judge. As you were.......

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I will write with a pen for hours if I have the correct pen. The choice of pen is crucial. You may laugh but it's true. And you KNOW IT! Ok, maybe it is just me but I think the pen you use will determine your handwriting. If I use a straight up regular Bic pen on spiral notebook paper (still in book), my handwriting is awesome. Love it, can't go wrong. Ball point fancy shmancy pens? I have to concentrate on my writing so that it's legible. I will often resort to writing in print, not my beloved cursive. (Side note: Why don't they teach cursive anymore?)

Now if you give me a chunky, bulky pen from some drug company?? Oh mylanta. I can go to town on those bad boys. Not like that, good gravy. I love when someone at the doctor's office says I can have a pen. I get all giggly and excited. Really people, these pens are awesome. Not all of them of course but the majority of them are just perfect for writing long letters or journal writing.

My favorite time of the year for shopping is Back To School. The office supplies. Pens! Notebooks! Markers! Sharpies! Oh em gee. I salivate looking at the Office Depot, Office Max, Office Treehouse, etc Ads. The things I would get if I had a bottomless checking account. I would need another room in my house just for office supplies. That's how much I love them.

I find that I am more creative when I write something on paper versus the computer. I take the time to make sure the spelling is correct, sentence structure is right, if I mess up one thing, I have to start that page all over. OCD, perfectionist, being anal? Who knows.

When I write on the computer, and I do that more these days, it takes me forever to collect my thoughts and get them out in a comprehensible fashion. One of the main reasons I attempt NaBloPoMo every year is the hope that I'll actually improve my writing. I don't have the confidence that I see in other writers. Honestly, I don't think I will. I'm ok with that. I know I have a handful of readers and that's ok with me. I think they all know me in real life so they know *me*. I don't put on a show, I know who I am. Sometimes I hold back when I want to be snarky. Sometimes I say too much. Either way, it's harder for me to write on here. Hopefully it will change at some point.

I love writing with a pen and paper though. I'll keep Bic and Mead in business, now worries there!n


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