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Happy Chrismahannukwanzaka

Do you ever feel you need a vacation from a vacation? We didn't go on a vacation per say. We went to my parents' place for the holidays. On the way there we had both dvd players going, an iPod mini blaring my husband's favorite* song loudly through the stereo and somewhere along Hwy 29, our sanity flew out the window. The boy couldn't put his headphones on by himself apparantly. The girl wanted Spongebob, wait no, Wiggles, wait no, Toy Story 2, wait no, Ant Bully, wait no......We brought ten movies. She helped picked them out and she named all of them. Did you know she's not even two? She scares me. A lot.

I had a number for Santa in my phone that when you called it, you would get a message from the man all the way up to Xmas. The threat of making that call to have Santa come get the presents was such a blessing. I just had to whip out the phone and both the kids would yell, "No! No! We stopped! No Mommy! Nooooooooooooooo!".

The kids made out like bandits. They got a tricycle (each of them), a Mr. Tomato Head, a LeapPad, a couple memory games, some other loot and a ton of candy in the stockings. I think Monkey Boy ate all of the M&M's that were in the house, his and his sister's. She was not pleased.

The Captain got a ton of Jr stuff including a crystal block with Jr's profile etched in it, a jersey and other various things. He was very happy to see a new Satch cd and dvd. Yay for the wife being attentive and determined to find a place that sells it.

Have I mentioned that I married the most awesome man ever? I almost screamed like a schoolgirl being asked out by her crush when I opened a box and saw this inside.

I got a hat to match and because I am so trailer trash, I'm on the hunt for the purse. Here's where I need your help. I must have this item right here.
I can't make it bigger cause it gets blurry and this is the only photo of it that I could find. The only one I could find online people. How wrong is that? When we went to Sexworld there was a lady there who had one and she said she got it at Wilson but they don't have it online, at the outlet or in the stores. Not a soul is selling one on eBay. I'm getting desperate here people. I really want one. If anyone can locate one online, please shoot me an email and let me know.

My boy turns 4 tomorrow. That would be four YEARS. I can't believe I have a four year old. This time 4 years ago, I was crying into the phone for my poor husband to come back to the hospital. His snoring got him banished to the apartment 12 miles away. If I couldn't sleep because of the pain, I was not going to listen to his snoring. He came back, bless his heart, and I was high on the morphine they gave me after I hung up the phone with him. At any rate, no big celebration tomorrow as we had a Superman cake yesterday at my mom and dad's.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and hey, whatchya doin' for New Year's?

*can you notice sarcasm over a monitor? it's there, believe me


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