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You Want The Cold? You Couldn't Handle This Cold!

I don't know, that was a pretty pathetic Jack Nicholson impression. Listen people, I love all 6 of my readers. You guys rock. I like hanging with the ones I know in real life and I know I would have so much fun with the ones I haven't met yet. That being said......

I don't want to hear any complaints about it being cold. Unless you're suffering the same fate as me, just shush.

It's -19 degrees outside. Without the wind chill factored in.


That's mother effin' cold. That's so cold that my son's school is closed tomorrow. That's so cold that most of the schools in this area are either closed or on a two hour delay. Two hour delay? WTH? Just close.

Oh and the new air freshener? Still working. It really seeped into the pores of my van. This cold helping it stick around so yeah, thanks again asshat.

Oh oh bonus round prize for the day...............a cute little 3.90 yr old redheaded dictator throwing up and screaming loudly with each hurl. Awesome!


i am very mary said…
It's that cold here, too. 2 hour delay? Here, too. No vomiting dictators though, so you seriously win hands down on that one. But I did find a frozen cat in the woods beside my house. Surely that counts for something. (It wasn't my cat. I swear.)
It is almost 20 degrees here and I am freezing my ass off.

If I were you I would have stayed in bed.
Sarah O said…
-10 when I woke up! My poor husband doesn't have heat at the car dealership he works for. He looked like the kid in "A Christmas Story" this morning! He had on so many layers he couldn't even walk!
Anonymous said…
so frickin cold..i agree. Colder than antartica. yep, i looked it up. Except I have no penguins or Morgan Freeman voiceovers. sucks.

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