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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 41-60

Not all of the hair is gone but most of the big hair is.

60. Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast
I love when you can't understand most of the words in a song. Really though, I love just about anything by them. Andre 3k shares my birthday with me. Never sends me a card. Bastard.

59. Sister Christian - Night Ranger
Ya know how everyone has that one song that reminds them of teenage love? Really takes you back to the days of carefree love and life? An anthem for their angst filled years? This isn't the song for me. I just love the drums.

58. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
Love love love her voice. She's on the short list of women that are nice eye candy. And the moves? She and Plushenko should get together and hip it out.

57. Digital Getdown - N*SYNC
I don't think it's any secret that my musical taste ranges from good to absolute and udder wtf was she thinking? status. I hear this and it reminds me of LaCrosse for some reason. I'm pretty sure I wanted JC and/or Justin to do naughty things with/to/around me (but not with each other which leads me to.... I am witholding comment on Lance coming out. There's too many jokes there and I want to be selective). I completely forgot that Kirkpatrick fella was in the group. Ha!

56. Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5
This was my ringtone for the loooooooooooongest time. Drove people crazy. I'm over Adam Levine and some of their stuff is overplayed but I love this one.

55. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
I was gonna go with I Love Rock N Roll (and really, don't we all?) but I got tired of seeing that damn Britney remake and then saw this jem and said "Eureka!". Tangent - My husband and Sarah O got to meet Lita. She seems pretty cool. Anyway, JJandTBs always make me start wanting to headbang again and frankly, my neck and back can't take it.

54. Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
I prefer the one by just him however I do love Natalie's voice. I think of my dad everytime I hear this and I miss him more and more. 'Course he's only 3 hours away but still, that's my daddy. God that looks so bad now that I go back and read it. Sheesh.

53. At Last - Etta James
I could only find the Christina version and she does it well. Nothing like the original though, Ms. Etta kicks ass.

52. Idiot Boyfriend* - Jimmy Fallon
When I was in mgt at the music store in the mall, we used to get promo dvds with videos and movie previews on them.I like to think that I was responsible for this video being played ad nauseum. All of us would be saying the lines as we walked around the store. While ringing someone up, "From whereabouts unknown, I think he's from Europe!!" or stocking music, "Don't be such a p*ssy" (we beeped ourselves too). No need for a paper bag or lights out with Mr. Fallon. We'll have the living room all to ourselves! You go beat his ass! You go beat his ass good! Chad's gonna beat his ass.

51. Long Skirt, Short Jacket - Cake
The bassline takes the Cake for me. And the "Oh! There it is!" man. One of the rare groups where I would get the whole cd.

50. Birdhouse In Your Soul - They Might Be Giants
It's hard to pick one song from them.

49. When I Grow Up - Garbage
The golden shower line makes me double take when I hear it. Shirley is one of the few rocker chicks that I totally dig. She knows how to kick it up and have a great time.

{YouTube went down so I'll add the videos tomorrow}

48. Cleaning Out My Closet - Eminem
I really like him a lot but can only take him in small doses. My mother in law saw the double cd in our old apartment and was surprised that we had it. I took the heat for that one because I'm the one who listens to it. I think if my in laws were to listen to 75% of my cd library, they would be saddened. I don't think they want to think about the fact that I listen to crude music or enjoying hearing people scream sing and swear. They know I'm far from a saint but still a good person so some other things are best left unheard/spoken of.

47. Oranoco Flow - Enya
I don't know. Don't ask.

46. Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani feat Eve
If I was a rich girl, nanananananananana. My sister in law Fluffy loooooooooves Gwen in a very hetero way. She wants to be their nanny for that gorgeous Kingston. I told her I would move out there with her and she could do that while I go to school to become the shrink that we all KNOW Brit Brit and K-Fed's kids are going to need.

45. Regulate - Nate Dogg and Warren G.
Regulaters! Mount up! Mount up indeed....Warren G? That voice is yummy. I was living in Tucson, AZ when this song came out and every single time I hear it, I picture Stephen Baldwin in my mind. Deeeee-lish. This of course is post-BioDome, pre-Born Again Christian Stephen Baldwin. I'll have to tell ya the story of meeting him another time. Suffice to say I made an ass of myself as usual and no, I was not drinking.

44. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette
The former future Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. Are they together or no? Who knows but I love them both. Song, yes, this song just blows me away each time I hear it. Almost makes me cry.

43. Criminal - Fiona Apple
When I was dating this one fella, MTV used to have the videos that could only be played at late night. They always, always, started the block of videos off with this one. This is how we knew what time it was and that other people in the house were asleep so we could get it on. Even without the visuals, it's still a fabulously (is that a word? it is now) sexy song. If only she could keep her yapper open for singing and not talking that would be great!

42. Keep Fishin' *- Weezer
This really should be my top 100 videos. Everyone of these songs is an absolute favorite of mine but finding corresponding videos is really making me notice that I'm a visual person. I love seeing how a song is played out. The storyline. This video is another one that we all dropped lines from at The Goody.

41. Temperature - Sean Paul
If he has the right temperature for me, he needs to get his ass here with that 75degree dew point below 50 shit right now. This 99degree junk is bad enough but throw in no air conditioning, 2 kids under 4 and dew point hovering around 70 and it's ugly folks. We'll just dance all day to this and sweat all over.

* these are for my Goody kids - Marsha, Junior, Amanda, Ryan and anyone else that worked with me (I'm not calling Rich or Sean a kid and certainly not Tom, he still scares me and I haven't worked for him in 3 1/2 years!)



JerseyTjej said…
Did you see my Justin Timberlake blog last week? I literally was stretched out on a platter with the chicken hats on my feet waiting for him...

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